A Virgin River star provides a thrilling Season 6 tease.

The cast of Virgin River is scheduled to begin filming for Season 6 in the coming weeks, according to Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel in the program, on her Instagram profile.

In an Instagram story, the actress stated, "I have to depart in about 16 days. I never know what to pack for each season

 I have the impression that the fundamental intellect molecules in my brain have made the decision to depart, saying, "We're not interested anymore." After that, I'm totally lost.

Reddit users quickly reacted to the news of Virgin River Season 6 and expressed their excitement on the platform.

"Gang, it's getting closer," one person commented. Alexandra posted a story on Instagram today about departing in 16 days to begin filming. 

Even though she has done this previously, she is complaining in her closet that she has to pack for three months and doesn't know where to start. 

When I have to pack for an overnight stay, I have that issue.