A supernatural horror thriller Korean series called Monstrous will be released this year. In the teaser, viewers will see the ascertaining of a big statue and its subsequent excavation.

The storyline is about a man named Jung Ki  Hoon who is an archaeologist who  explores supernatural occurrences.


Monstrous explores  the genre of horror- thriller in Korean  drama industry.

Monstrous represents  a powerful  performance of a talented cast.

Jang Kun-jae is the director of Monstrous. Kun-jae has directed movies like Sleepless Night, 2012 and his debuted film Eighteen, 2009 won an award at the Vancouver International Film Festival's Dragons and Tigers Award.

Koo Kyo Hwan, known for Escape From  Mogadishu, 2021  and Maggie,  2018, will play the protagonist as an archaeologist

Shin Hyun Bin, an actress known for Mistress, 2018, will portray a divorced woman who has recently lost her daughter and whose former husband is into occult stuff.

Yong Jae, the writer  also wrote My  Holo Love, 2020, Psychopath Diary,  2018 and is also  writing the Korean  version of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist).