Sodden Hill

An important turning point in the plot of the world of The Witcher is the Battle of Sodden Hill. The first invasion of the Northern Realms by Nilfgaard is put a halt by this resounding success.


Vilgefortz is one of The Brotherhood of Sorcerers' few members in the Netflix series who recognise the serious danger Nilfgaard poses. He joins a small group of others in the defence of Sodden Hill. He fights Cahir during the conflict, but is finally vanquished.

Tissaia De Vrie

The Brotherhood of Sorcerers mentor who saved Yennefer from a life of abuse and helped her develop into a potent sorceress. She genuinely care about her students, but she is also a political figure who is cold and calculated. But only the television programme can use this.

Queen Calanthe

The Lioness of Cintra, Queen Calanthe, is the type who takes the initiative and isn't hesitant to take a beating or call people names. She springs into action as soon as Nilfgaard approaches her boundaries to attempt to stop them. Even after losing, she continues to take care that her granddaughter Ciri leaves the city before it is destroyed.

Triss Merigold

Up until the third volume, Triss is only referred to in the books as Yennefer's close friend. She meets Geralt in the show before Yen does. This is presumably due to the popularity of the character in the video games.

Geralt And Yennefer

After Jaskier suffers a serious injury late in the first season, the titular Witcher and the sorceress eventually cross paths in the Netflix adaptation. Before their initial on-screen encounter, the two had previously met multiple times in the books. In actuality, they have maintained a turbulent romance, coming together and splitting apart in infamously ugly battles.

The Sorceress Ritual

In the show, we find out that a sorceress undergoes a magical procedure that alters her physical appearance before being summoned to court. Even a hunchback with structural abnormalities can develop amazing beauty. But the surgical removal of the woman's uterus is a horrifying price that must be paid for this change.

Yennefer's Past

Yennefer's past is given a fair amount of screen time because she is one of the primary characters in the show. She transforms from an exploited orphan to one of The Brotherhood Of Sorcerers's most potent members as we watch.

The Reaver

Let's speak about the mercenary group known as The Reavers from the same episode while we're on the subject of unkind individuals. These young men excel at both sexual harassment and dragon killing. Particularly their commander Boholt taunts Yennefer verbally.