9 Deadliest Time Travelers in Marvel Universe 


Kitty Pryde 

Kitty Pryde, a central character in the well-known Days of Future Past plot, lacks personal time travel abilities.



After trailing the criminal Fitzroy into an intertemporal portal and leaving him stranded in the present, Lcuas Bishop arrived from the future.


Ravonna Renslayer 

Fairy-tale musical comedy on ABC Galavant is one of the most underappreciated musicals of the past ten years, fusing musical performances with fantasy satire.


Reed Richards 

Reed Richards is a scientific superman by all measures, capable of nearly anything, even time travel.



Meridius, a future Eddie Brock who emerged from the Venom series after the prior host took on the mantle of King in Black, constructed his own time loop to guarantee his continued life even after Eddie's physical body perished.


The Maker 

The Maker, the evil alter ego of Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe, is more powerful and has the same intelligence as his Earth-616 counterpart.



Cable's numerous travels throughout time have shaped his complex personal history.


Doctor Doom 

Being a scientist, sorcerer, king, and supervillain, Doctor Doom is among the most cunning and deadly foes in the Marvel Universe.


Kang The Conqueror 

Kang the Conqueror was born in the calm 30th century and traveled back to Ancient Egypt because he was frustrated with the lack of mayhem. His origin is as convoluted as time travel itself.