8 Most Expensive Movie Scenes Of All Time

With the ideal soundtrack, David's dash across the intersection is a larger-than-life moment. In a scene that lasted less than a minute, Crowe paid the NYPD $1 million to use blockades to keep tourists and cars out of Times Square for a few hours.  

Tom Cruise In Times Square Scene 

I Am Legend's Brooklyn Bridge destruction scene is appropriately described by Travis Yates (via SlashFilm) as "a multi-million dollar pain to shoot," with an estimated production value of $5 million.

Brooklyn Bridge Collapse Scene 

After spending $5.5 million on the set, director Michael Bay decided to recreate the Pearl Harbor bombing using just real-world effects (Looper). Six of the Navy's idle ships were destroyed in whole as part of this.  

Pearl Harbor Bombing Scene 

The intended opening scene of Superman Returns would have seen Clark Kent/Superman reaching the planet Krypton's remnants. Production design accounted for the majority of the rumored $10 million production cost for this axed sequence.  

Superman Returns To Krypton Scene 

Saving Private Ryan, hailed as one of the greatest and most realistic war films ever made, invested about $12 million on creating its iconic D-Day Landing sequence.  

D-Day Landing Scene 

For the sequence where a chopper uses cables to hoist a bus full of terrorists so they can escape capture, Dominic Cena and his team opted to incorporate a lot of practical effects. This resulted in an airborne pursuit. FarOut claims that the cost of this scene was $15 million.

Flying Bus Scene 

With Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse pushing its ground-breaking blend of animation styles and technology even further, this should be its to lose after taking home the PGA prize. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won this prize five times at the 2019 Oscars.  

Battle Of Borodino Scene 

There's nothing like persistent car destruction to work its way through a film's budget more efficiently. According to Looper, Spectre purportedly spent $32 million only on the vehicles that were wrecked during filming.  

Car Chase Through Rome Scene