7 MCU Love Stories That Almost Ruined Characters

The Untamed

The Untamed became one of the dramas with the greatest earnings in 2019 despite intense censoring brought on by China's continued prohibition on LGBT representation in movies.

Eternal Love

The romantic fantasy series Eternal Love tells the tale of the love between a goddess (Bai Qian) and Ye Hua, the Crown Prince of the Nine Heavens, through several lifetimes and worlds.

Who Rules The World

In just eleven days, Who Rules the World achieved over one billion views on Tencent Video and became the top-ranked Chinese drama on Netflix.

Love Between Fairy And Devil

The novel Love Between Fairy and Devil is based on Jiu Lu Fei Xiang's book of the same name.

Once Upon A Time in Lingjian Mountain

Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain is an adaptation of Xian Man Dong Man's manga Spirit Blade Mountain. It follows prodigy Wang Lu as he joins the Spirit Blade Sect and sets out on a unique quest to become the strongest sage.

The Legend Of The White Snake

The traditional Chinese folktale of a forbidden relationship between a mortal man (Xu Xian) and a serpent demon (Bai Suzhen) is retold in The Legend of the White Snake.

The King’s Avatar

The King's Avatar is based on Hu Dielan's web book of the same name. It centers on Ye Xiu, a prominent player in the online multiplayer video game "Glory," which takes place in an imaginary virtual world.