There are currently 86 episodes of Dynasty available for you to binge watch across its four seasons, which are now available on Netflix in every country in the world.

The fifth and last season of the show, as you may have heard, will debut on Netflix in September 2022.

The reimagined 1980s soap opera made its television premiere in October 2017 and will soon enter its fifth season.

In February 2021, Dynasty received a renewal for a fifth season, which would once more include 22 episodes

The bad news is that, in spite of the show’s success on Netflix, it won’t be coming back for a sixth season. Along with a number of other The CW shows ending, the announcement of its cancellation was unexpected.

The US version of Netflix has often released The CW series roughly 8 days following their season finale.

Due to delays in the production process, it was not the case for many The CW shows in 2021. With the production hopefully back on schedule, Dynasty season 5 should be available on Netflix US about a week or so after the show’s conclusion.

We’re pleased to announce that the whole fifth season of Dynasty will be available on Netflix on September 24, 2022, with the finale now scheduled for the show.

As previously stated, the series has not returned to its traditional October release date, as it did during seasons 1–3.

Filming began on October 22nd, 2021, and ended in August 2022, according to FindFilmWork from BTL.

Season 4 was significantly delayed owing to the epidemic and did not premiere until May 2021. As a result, The CW didn’t premiere until December 20th, 2021.