The contentious defamation lawsuit involving Amber Heard and Johnny Depp culminated in June with the actress from Aquaman being judged accountable for disparaging her ex-husband in her 2018 op-ed for the Washington Post.

Heard was ordered to compensate Depp for damages in the amount of USD 10 million, and as part of the settlement, the actress reportedly sold her Yucca Valley home for USD $1 million.

The actress reportedly sold her house on July 18 of this year, according to Entertainment Tonight.

 The 2,500 square foot house, which has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, is located on approximately six acres in the Mojave Desert, according to the Dirt.

The jury's verdict, which gave Depp USD 10 million in compensatory damages and USD 5 million in punitive damages, prompted her to decide to sell her home.

Heard allegedly filed for bankruptcy on July 21 and appealed the decision to the state of Virginia, according to recent reports.

The actress had earlier requested a mistrial in the defamation case after filing a motion about a jury member, but the judge had rejected her plea.

In the interim, more information was also revealed in the newly made public pre-trial court records.

The documents contained some alarming evidence that Depp and Heard's attorneys had offered, but which had not been given the go-ahead for use in the prosecution's case.

 According to reports, the documents also included some private chat chats between Depp and his close friend Marilyn Manson as well as lewd images of Amber Heard.