7 Unpredictable Thriller Movies On Netflix

Oxygen (2021)

In Oxygen, the filmmaker steps  back from the horror and leans all the way in on the thrills, following a woman (Mélanie Laurent) who wakes up in a cryogenic pod with no memory of who she is .

Nocturnal Animals (2016)

The movie, Tom Ford's second following the well-received A Single Man, follows an art gallery owner (Amy Adams) as she reads the latest book written by her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal).

Gerald's Game (2017)

Gerald’s Game makes for one of Stephen‌ King’s queasiest, most relentlessly gripping works.

Freaks (2019)

The movie features a show-stopping performance from Lexy Kolker as seven-year-old Chloe. She’s spent her entire life completely isolated from the world inside her home with her father, Henry (Emile Hirsch).

The Platform (2020)

The Platform is set within the confines of an impossibly tall building where residents either feast or famine depending on which floor they're on.

Level 16 (2018)

The son of the boss of a Yokohama shoe firm is unintentionally abducted and held for ransom, turning him into a victim of extortion.

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

The film is set in the art world and centres on a cache of artwork that is discovered to have been produced by a mystery and deceased artist. It is equal parts thriller and slasher.