Brimsley, Queen Charlotte's right-hand man, has a fascinating backstory that begins in her early years as a newlywed queen. As the queen hosts audiences, Brimsley stays close to her and hears a lot of gossip from the ton. Brimsley has a lot of potential to develop in the Bridgerton universe.

7. Brimsely 

Reynolds, as the king's secretary and Brimsley's lover, had a significant role in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. It was discovered that he was gay and involved in a passionate relationship with Queen Charlotte's right-hand man, Brimsley. He's not mentioned in Bridgerton, even though he's a big part of the prequel.

6. Reynolds 

Lady Danbury has Coral, and Queen Charlotte has Brimsley to assist her. Throughout Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Coral served as a lady-in-waiting and was always available to assist Agatha with any needs. The two had a close relationship. Coral hasn't shown up in Bridgerton yet, but her reappearance could highlight Lady Danbury's growth over the series.

5. Coral 

In the Bridgerton spinoff, Lady Vivian Ledger, Violet's mother, was among the few who grudgingly acknowledged Charlotte as the new queen. 

4. Lady Vivian Ledger 

Lord Ledger, Violet's father, pampered and had a big effect on her life. The recipients of his handcrafted party hats cherished and valued them. The third season of Bridgerton may focus more on Lord Ledger's enduring love for his family and the fallout from his liaison with Lady Danbury. Since he hasn't been seen in Bridgerton yet, it's assumed that he passed away before the main show's happenings.

3. Lord Ledger 

Even though Lord Danbury has passed away by the start of Bridgerton season 3, his return in the form of a flashback or even a brief reference could shed light on his marriage and family dynamics. Bridgerton season 3 could explain how Agatha met her husband or their lives prior to Queen Charlotte, even though she did not have positive memories of him when he was alive.

2.Lord Danbury

In addition, Bridgerton may describe Adolphus and Charlotte's early years before she met the king and illustrate their bond during that time.

1. Adolphus