7 Movies on Amazon Prime to watch this Weekend


Ali, a colossal movie from 2001 directed by Michael Mann, faced a Herculean job. How can one of history's most recognisable personalities be adequately shown in a single movie? Even while this movie gets the closest to portraying Muhammad Ali in its entirety, no movie will ever be able to accomplish it.

Dark Waters

One of the most grounded and honest portraits of what it means to do good against the evils of the world, Dark Waters is a masterpiece of a film that finds resonance in its riveting look at one lawyer fighting corporate corruption.

Dave Made A Maze

One of the lesser-known films on this list that still deserves your utmost attention, Dave Made A Maze is an imaginative indie hit that makes the absolute most of its premise

Hobo with a Shotgun

Before you even say it, Hobo with a Shotgun is not going to be for everyone. Crass, violent, and generally unhinged, it is an acquired taste to say the least.

House of Gucci

A chaotic tapestry of wealth and family, House of Gucci is one of director Ridley Scott’s best for just how full of energy it is.

Jennifer’s Body

You didn't think we would pass up the chance to give Jennifer's Body our appreciation, did you? Karyn Kusama's cutting horror-comedy, which was misunderstood at first, has since become one of the most cherished cult masterpieces, and for good reason.

The Fighter

A boxing drama that is boosted by its great performances, The Fighter is a movie that shows how good acting can make a well-known narrative feel new.

Don’t Make Me Go

An unmarried father of a teenage girl takes her on a road journey to find the mother who abandoned her years earlier and to try to educate her everything she could need over the course of the rest of her life after learning that he has a deadly brain tumour.