7 Most Anticipated MCU Movies

Thunderbolts is the movie that, regrettably, was not very anticipated. Thunderbolts, which debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, is reported to be the MCU's first introduction of the eponymous antihero team.   


Excitement was at an all-time high when Captain America: Brave New World, formerly known as New World Order, was revealed following The Falcon and the Winter Soldier season 1.

Captain America: Brave New World 

Following the success of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, filmmaker Destin Daniel Cretton announced Avengers: The Kang Dynasty in July 2022. This, along with the promise of an Avengers movie that will feature a fight with the suitably promised Kang the Conqueror in Loki, sent the movie hurtling to the top of lists of most awaited movies worldwide.  

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty 

The news that Mahershala Ali will be starring in Blade was unquestionably one of the more thrilling MCU revelations in recent years.  


In July 2022, news of both Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars were released. It was disclosed that the movie was based on one of the most well-known tales in Marvel Comics history—the comic book run of the same name.

Avengers: Secret Wars 

A Marvel Cinematic Universe Fantastic Four film has been in production since 2019. Many have yearned for Marvel's "First Family" to be carefully adapted for the big screen, following the release of three contentious Fantastic Four movies in the past.  

The Fantastic Four 

Even if there are different degrees of anticipation for other future MCU movies, Deadpool & Wolverine has consistently been the most anticipated movie. The excitement around Deadpool 3 only intensified as it was revealed that the title mutant would be joining the MCU.

Deadpool & Wolverine