8 Classic Films in Which the Villain Truly Wins


Midsommar (2019) 

A group of college buddies travel to a distant Swedish village to take part in a midsummer festival in this gripping story.


Hereditary (2018) 

The Graham family's demise is followed in this scary movie. Annie (Toni Collette), Ellen's daughter, is devastated when her mother passes away.


Regression (2015) 

In this psychological thriller, Emma Watson plays a teenage girl named Angela Gray, who is accused of being sexually abused by her father. The investigation is being conducted by detective Bruce Kenner, played by Ethan Hawke.


The Neon Demon (2016) 

This unsettling yet captivating movie centers on Jesse (Elle Fanning), a teenage orphan who relocates to Los Angeles with the intention of becoming a model.


Gone Girl (2014) 

This Gone Girl, which is based on Gillian Flynn's best-selling book of the same name, follows Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) after his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) disappears.


Nightcrawler (2014) 

In this suspenseful thriller, Jake Gyllenhaal plays criminal Louis Bloom, who is searching for a profitable business opportunity.


Enemy (2013) 

Enemy, which stars Gyllenhaal in both principal characters and is loosely based on José Saramago's novel The Double, follows college history lecturer Adam Bell.


The Village (2004) 

After Lucius (Joaquin Phoenix), her beloved, suffers injuries and is on the verge of death, Ivy (Bryce Dallas Howard) is given the responsibility of leaving her remote 19th-century village to go to a nearby village and get treatment for him.