7. The Good Doctor 

The compassionate viewpoint on hospital life offered by Freddie Highmore's portrayal of surgical resident Shaun Murphy is what distinguishes The Good Doctor.

6. Getting On (2013-2015) 

With a barely veiled satirical wit, Getting On delivers damning critiques of profit-driven healthcare, ranging from taboos surrounding incontinence to apathy for the elderly.

5. Nurse Jackie 

Nurse Jackie acquired complexity from an antiheroine living in silent desperation, without resorting to ostentatious emergencies or manufactured love triangles.

4. Grey’s Anatomy 

At the height of its cultural influence, Grey's Anatomy broke down barriers by tackling controversial subjects. Stories examining sexuality, workplace dynamics, and the constraints of making life-or-death decisions were made emotionally authentic by the incisive writing and excellent cast.

3. General Hospital 

Despite having all of the typical soap opera elements—such as romantic relationships, intense interpersonal turmoil, and the odd murder—General Hospital stands out for having launched the careers of many well-known performers.

2. ER 

Over its 15-season run, ER bravely tackled morally challenging sociocultural subjects that other modern series avoided. Even though it got worse toward the end, ER remains the medical drama phenomenon of its time, reinventing the zeitgeist by striking a balance between accessible narrative and dangerous issues.

1. The Knick 

The Knick left its mark on the world of medical progress by means of dramatic intensity and a serious engagement with its complexities.