7 Best TV Shows  To Watch After Devil In Ohio

Through a mix of daring, good fortune, and a bewildered police force, Stig Engström avoided justice right up until his death following the assassination of prime minister Olof Palme in 1986.

1. The Unlikely Murderer (2021) 

A modern ghost story in three parts, set in Yorkshire. After Tom Parfitt moves into a nearby retirement community, an unsettling and unexpected death occurs.

2. Remember Me (2014) 

A trauma cleaner with Asperger's syndrome and his ex-con uncle bring the untold stories of the deceased to loved ones, finding life in all that's left behind.

3. Move to Heaven (2021) 

Gentleman thief Assane Diop is motivated to exact revenge on his father for an injustice committed by a wealthy family by reading about Arsène Lupin's exploits.

4. Lupin (2021) 

For those who appreciate these elements of House of the Dragon, it is a natural fit because it offers the perfect balance of horrific brutality and politics.


Set in a dystopian future, a woman is forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship. A TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel.

6. The Handmaid's Tale (2017) 

After a wild night in Dubai, Cassandra Bowden, a flight attendant, wakes up in her hotel room to find a dead body next to her.  

7. The Flight Attendant (2020)