1. Acapulco (2021) 

It centres on Maximo, a young man in his 20s who lands his dream job as a cabana boy at a prominent resort in Mexico.

2. Ghostwriter (2019) 

A fresh group of children must solve a mystery involving a ghost that is haunting a nearby bookstore and unleashing fictional characters into the universe in this revival of the series on Apple TV+.

3. Life by Ella (2022) 

Instead of taking her cancer battle with a bleak outlook, 13-year-old Ella returns to school with a new lease on life and the determination to live it to the fullest. She’s also set on convincing others they should do the same.

4. Gutsy (2022) 

Join Hillary and Chelsea Clinton as they visit with courageous women across America and discuss with them their moving experiences and inspiring stories.

5. Central Park (2020) 

Josh Gad is a co-creator of this musical animated sitcom about a family who lives in Central Park.

6. Five Days at Memorial (2022) 

Five Days at Memorial is based on actual events that occurred during the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

7. Bad Sisters (2022) 

When the Garvey sisters' parents pass away when they are young, the women decide they must band together to safeguard one another through life.