7 Best Dark Fantasy Anime 

Drifters is an isekai with an original plot that follows three significant characters as they are called to another realm to battle the "Ends," other historical people whose tragic lives led to their reincarnation as deformed copies of their former selves with magical powers.  


Claire, the main character of Claymore, has a story of loss and retaliation that is not too unlike from other dark fantasy anime.  


Though Hellsing Ultimate's universe is more urban fantasy than other works, its supernatural aspects and ominous atmosphere make it uniquely its own.  


The Promised Neverland begins by giving viewers the impression of a tranquil orphanage, where children see each other and their loving caregiver Isabella as a family, living comfortable lives, learning, and playing freely.  

The Promised Neverland 

The stakes in Overlord may not seem as high as in other dark fantasy anime, but that's because the story takes place in a virtual world that feels very real to the people who live there, like Ainz Ooal Gown, a former player who got stuck here on the day the VRMMO closed.  


Castlevania, which draws inspiration from the beloved video game series, follows Alucard and the Belmont family as they battle Dracula and his goons to protect Wallachia. 


Dorohedoro is entirely different from other magical worlds, which are typically more upbeat and optimistic and seem to invite viewers to consider the notion of living a life enhanced by sorcery.