50 Cent and Eminem are working on a television series adaptation of ‘8 Mile‘, the autobiographical film based on Eminem’s life. 

While the movie tells the story of Eminem’s rise to fame as a rapper, 50 Cent also brings a wealth of experience in the television industry  

At this time, no details about the cast or the story’s direction for the series have been released to the public. 

It will be interesting to see how the duo adapts the film for a television format and what new elements they will bring to the story. 

50 Cent confirmed in an interview with Big Boy TV that a series based on ‘8 Mile’ is in development, although the network it will air on has not been announced.  

50 Cent came up with the idea to adapt the movie into a show and was able to convince Eminem to join the project.

He described the series as “big” and similar to the Peacock show Bel-Air, a retelling of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  

50 Cent said that the ‘8 Mile’ series will be a “modern version” of the film and offer more insight into Eminem’s life.   

According to 50 Cent’s comments, it seems that the series will provide a more in-depth exploration of Eminem’s early life   

The film 8 Mile’ was released in 2002 and tells the story of white rapper Jimmy Smith Jr., also known as B-Rabbit (played by Eminem), as he tries to break into the hip-hop industry