1. Hunter Schafer was a complete newbie to acting before the show.

2. Zendaya was the only choice to play Rue. 

3. Jacob Elordi was "practically homeless" before being cast. 

 4. Remember that intense fight scene where Rue holds a piece of glass up to her mother? The entire thing was made up on the spot. It was so emotionally difficult for Zendaya, she told Refinery29 she felt physically sick.

5. Angus Cloud was randomly discovered on a NYC street. 

6. Tom Holland visits the set a lot. 

7. Sydney Sweeney thought filming that famous bathroom scene was "terrifying." 

8. Jacob Elordi feels really guilty after filming certain scenes with Alexa Demie. 

9. A spotlight was used to film the season 2 party scene. 

10. Sydney Sweeney created a diary for Cassie.