The two actors, who acted together in the 2004 Tony Scott film Man on Fire, grinned for the camera in Italy’s Amalfi Coast before filming their upcoming film Equalizer 3.

Gaia Scodellaro also appears in the follow-up, which Antoine Fuqua once more helms. 

When she announced her casting in June, Washington, 67, was referred to as a “legend” by Fanning, 28. 

The reunion beat all reunions, as her actress sister Elle Fanning said in a post on her Facebook page. 

In the movie Man on Fire, Fanning plays Lupita Ramos, a little girl who is abducted and depends on her former CIA bodyguard John W. Creasy (Washington) to save her. 

Additionally included were Mickey Rourke, Radha Mitchell, Marc Anthony, and Christopher Walken. 

In the Equalizer flicks, Washington portrays Robert McCall, a former agent who is dragged back into perilous assignments.  

After receiving an Oscar nomination for his performance in The Tragedy of Macbeth, he spoke with Collider earlier this year.

Washington commended Fanning and her acting abilities in 2004 when promoting Man on Fire even at that early age.  

Young Fanning told the publication at the time that Washington “was very sweet and I couldn’t wait to see him every day.