The scripts for upcoming episodes of The Sandman have received an update from Neil Gaiman.  

The Sandman, a television series created specifically for Netflix that is based on the same-named comic series authored by Gaiman, debuted in August.  

The fantasy series would go on to dominate the Netflix ratings for several weeks, even momentarily unseating Stranger Things season 4 from August 8–14. 

The Sandman’s upcoming episodes are not yet scheduled for release, but they should air sometime in late 2023 or early 2024. 

Gaiman provided some interesting updates for upcoming episodes of The Sandman in a post to his Tumblr. 

Gaiman and the cast of The Sandman have both hinted at potential future stories, even if the premise of upcoming episodes hasn’t been revealed yet.

The much-loved characters of Boyd Holbrook (The Corinthian) and Jenna Coleman (Johanna Constantine) have also hinted at potential comebacks.  

Additionally, it was recently hinted that this upcoming instalment of The Sandman would be divided into two parts, similar to how Stranger Things season 4.

The concept of the series is also “on the table” when it comes to “Sandman,” according to Netflix’s head of U.S. and Canadian scripted series, Peter Friedlander.  

Additionally, Netflix has stated that the renewed episodes would not be regarded as a second season of the show.