During an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, October 27, Khloe Kardashian discussed having her second kid through surrogacy. 

Khloe, 38, expressed her happiness at having a boy and a girl, but she also asked host Kelly Clarkson if she intends to have any more children after welcoming her son in July. 

Khloe said she was happy to have “one of both” when Kelly, who is a mother of a son and a daughter, inquired.  

However, Khloe also said she doesn’t think she’ll have any more children after her son. Khloe said, “I have one of both, and I think I’m good. 

Khloe admitted, “It’s such a blessing that we have this. My sister Kim had two babies through surrogacy. 

She had two that she carried on her own, and the last two were through surrogacy. If it wasn’t for Kimberly, I definitely don’t think I would’ve been as comfortable.  

I wouldn’t have been aware. I watched her go through her journey and I’m just so grateful for how open she’s always been about her journey.” 

Along with surrogacy, Khloe also discussed her relationship with Tristan and her efforts to mend after their breakup due to his paternity issue. 

She has no plans to reunite with her ex, a source close to the matter exclusively disclosed to HollywoodLife. 

Tge source said, “The last thing she needs in her life again is more Tristan drama.