10/10 Targaryens Marry Sibling

The Targaryens are from the extinct country of Valyria, unlike the other great houses of Westeros (with the exception of Velaryon).

9/10Targaryens Take More Than One Spouse

Unsurprisingly, marriage is a topic that many of the Targaryens' disobedient laws cover. They have a long-standing propensity to take more than one bride at a time, in addition to marrying from within their own family.

8/10Targaryens Were Traditionally Cremated

Of fact, one of the most important aspects of many communities is burial. The Targaryens stood out in this and many other ways. They were almost never buried, like the majority of their subjects, but incinerated.

7/10Targaryens Don't Give Proper Deference To The High Septon

The High Septon is undoubtedly one of the most significant individuals in Westeros. One would anticipate him to be treated with reverence as the head of the Faith, even by those seated on the Iron Throne.

6/10Targaryens Follow Primogeniture Only When It’s Convenient

The House of the Dragon universe has its own internal coherence, just like the finest immersive franchises.

5/10 Targaryens Were Willing To Murder Members Of The Faith

The Faith is one of those organisations that dominates Westeros. However, not every noble may adhere to its guidelines exactly.

4/10 Targaryens Can Ride Dragon

Of course, one of the most noteworthy characters to appear in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones are the dragons.

3/10 Targaryens Commit War Crime

Naturally, war is a frequent occurrence in Westeros, and numerous significant conflicts influenced Game of Thrones. Even if these wars are frequently brutal and bloody, at least they are guided by a set of principles that restrain human nature's worst tendencies.

2/10Targaryens Had Frequent Succession War

The Targaryens were able to produce some truly nasty kings despite their immense strength (and, to be fair, some good ones).

1/10 Targaryens Legitimized Several Bastard

Though legitimising bastards is not unheard of in Westeros, it is a norm that is only occasionally broken.