10/10  Riverdale is penalised by Hal Cooper for being the Black Hood. Riverdale

9/10 Alicent Hightower wants her son to sit on the throne  House of The Dragon

8/10 Jamie Moriarty Impersonated Irene Adler as Sherlock Holmes Elementary

7/10 Barry Allen's Mentor Is His Greatest Enemy The Flash

6/10 Halbrand Is Not The Southlands' Heir The Rings of Power

5/10  Michael Is Actually A Wicked Demon The Good Place

4/10  Grant Ward Is The Perfect HYDRA Sleeper Agent  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

3/10  Walder Frey Served For The Lannisters  Game of Thrones

2/10 Omni-Man Arrived to Rule the Earth  Invincible

1/10  Money Is All That Matters To The Supes The Boys