10 TV Couples  Who Shouldn't Be Together 


Dan & Serena From Gossip Girl

For much the whole run of Gossip Girl, Dan and Serena were a no-show relationship. Although they were each other's first loves and eventually got married, their marriage was doomed from the start.


Aria & Ezra From Pretty Little Liars 

. Given that Ezra is Aria's teacher and she is a high school student, their relationship is among the most improper in the annals of teen drama. 


Brandon & Callie From The Fosters 

On The Fosters, Brandon and Callie developed into a well-liked pair, with many fans hoping for them to get together. Despite this, their relationship was toxic and weird because they are foster siblings.


Justin & Jessica From 13 Reasons Why 

One of the many ways that 13 Reasons Why has been criticized for being problematic is the way that it depicts the relationship between Justin and Jessica. Justin's best friend Bryce sexually assaults Jessica.


Finn & Quinn From Glee

Without a doubt, viewers shouldn't look to Glee for role models in happy marriages. Quinn and Finn are two of the most prominent instances of this. There were many lies, betrayals, and infidelity in their relationship.


Damon & Elena From The Vampire Diarie

Though Damon and Elena had undeniable chemistry on The Vampire Diaries, their relationship was incredibly toxic. 


Spencer & Olivia From All American 

While Spencer and Olivia's relationship in All American has many negative aspects, it also has many positive ones.


Jackson & Lydia From Teen Wolf 

In Teen Wolf, Jackson and Lydia's relationship was abusive in the truest sense of the word.


Brooke & Felix From One Tree Hill 

One of the best depictions of a horrible boyfriend on TV is Felix. He was often being dishonest and had a very cruel streak. Throughout the entire presentation, he displayed homophobic conduct and a huge ego.


Barney & Robin from HIMYM

Barney and Robin struggle with commitment in a major way. Barney's fear of being in a relationship is so great that during their early evenings together, he sleepwalks to the window to sneak out, and although Robin isn't horrible, she's also not at all prepared to settle down.