This episode is significant for many of the characters because Haley and Nathan are married, Keith and Deb share a bed, and Dan and Whitey are all sick.

1. “The Games That Play Us” (S1, E22)

Stating that this episode is "so pure and heartfelt with Peyton's future uncertain and how they were all standing up front with Haley officiating," when Peyton and Lucas got married.

2. “Forever And Almost Always” (S6, E23)

The state championship is without doubt one of the most enjoyable elements of season 4, if not of the whole sequence. It’s candy watching Lucas and Nathan work collectively and the opposite characters know that successful this sport will imply loads to them.

3. “Some You Give Away” (S4, E9)

When discussing Nathan and Haley's One Tree Hill relationship, viewers recall their dramatic wedding plot from season 3. When Nathan has a disturbing dream about Haley drowning, the episode abruptly turns dramatic.

4. “The Show Must Go On” (S3, E22)

Nathan and Haley are married within the season 2 premiere Reddit user filmfatale87 loves it due to the “sweetest, most romantic lines by Nathan Scott.” 

5. “Desperate Kingdom Of Love” (S2, E1)

When viewers revisit Season 1, they find that it has improved, especially the pilot, which many viewers believe to be one of the best episodes.

6. “Pilot” (S1, E1)

The episode has a wild storyline, as Nathan and Lucas must stroll residence after Whitey tells them to depart the bus, and so they see athletes from the basketball staff they only performed in opposition to. 

7. “Every Night Is Another Story” (S1, E6)

One Tree Hill's episode from season 3 when Jimmy brings a weapon to high school is depressing to see, but many people believe that this subplot is handled wisely and precisely.

8. “With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, We Slept” (S3, E16)

Fans of One Tree Hill adore the friendships in the show, and each episode serves as a convincing example of how friendships formed in high school can endure long after graduation.

9. “The Wind That Blew My Heart Away” (S3, E13)

In the season 6 finale, Nathan has a moment that changes his career, and he is eager to tell the love of his life that he has achieved everything he has ever wanted.

10. “Remember Me As A Time Of Day” (S6, E24)