10 Startling Scenes of Euphoria That Almost Went Too Far


Cal and Jules Get Together in a Hotel

After Cal showed unsettling and predatory tendencies, the two had sex. The scenario is more visceral and unsettling to see because of the extended takes and close-ups of the camera. T


Rue Collides With Vehicles at a Congested Crossing

Rue suffers from her heroin addiction in both of Euphoria's seasons. 


Jules Snatches A Knife During A Get-together

Then, in one of the most horrific scenes to ever occur in Euphoria, Jules slashed her own arm with the knife, forcing Nate to retreat.


At a party, Fezco attacks Nate with a bottle of alcohol.

Fezco delivered a lot of punches, which was really upsetting and graphic to witness and severely hurt Nate.


 At Laurie's house, Rue is made to take off her clothes

In Euphoria season 2, Rue's struggles with addiction take her down some dark paths. Rue got to know Laurie, a drug dealer and sex trafficker, through Fezco.


Ashtray Murders Mouse With A Hammer 

Ashtray struck Mouse with a hammer before he had a chance to strike back. Considering Ashtray's youth, the scene is particularly frightening.


Nate Threatens Maddy With A Gun

Nate held the gun to Maddy's head and then to his, playing Russian roulette after she said she didn't have the video.


The SWAT team shoots and kills Ashtray

In the Euphoria season 2 finale, Ashtray was slain by a special police unit who broke into Fezco's residence.