10/10 Creed Gave Rocky Balboa A Worthy Successor

9/1 0Mad Max: Fury Road Single-Handedly Revitalized The Action Movie

8/10 Top Gun: Maverick Shattered Expectations And Record

7/10 Fast Five Changed The Fast & Furious Movies' Genre For The Better

6/10 Prey Revived The Long-Stagnating Predator Movie

5/10 Toy Story 4 Gave Woody And Buzz Lightyear An Emotional Send-Off

4/10 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Was A Heartfelt Sequel And Prequel

3/10 Before Sunset And Before Midnight Made An Already Perfect Love Story Even Better

2/10 T2 Trainspotting Weaponized Nostalgia Like Never Before

1/10 The Godfather: Part II Redefined What A Sequel Can And Should Be