It seems foolish to explain why Avatar: The Way of Water is a shoo-in for a nomination for Best Visual Effects.

Avatar: The Way Of Water Is A No-Brainer For Best Visual Effect

Since the introduction of the Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature in 2002

Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio Was The Best Animated Feature Of The Year

Movies about superheroes typically perform poorly at the Oscars since they are rarely nominated.

Angela Bassett As Ramonda For Best Supporting Actress Needs To Happen

Former writer turned filmmaker Martin McDonagh. He had only produced three feature pictures until 2022.

The Banshees Of Inisherin Deserves A Best Original Screenplay Nod

When an actor still sounds like the character more than a year after the movie was finished, you can tell they took their role seriously.1

Austin Butler Became Elvis!

This German anti-war epic, which was based on the same-named novel, shocked the globe by not pulling any punches.

All Quiet On The Western Front Was Easily One Of The Best International Feature Films Of The Year

Top Gun: Maverick's performance exceeded expectations in more ways than one, including the calibre of the movie.

Top Gun: Maverick's Cinematography Was Absolutely Breathtaking

One of the best and undoubtedly one of the most inventive films of 2022 is Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Michelle Yeoh Is The Front-Runner For Best Actress

One of Hollywood's most notable and influential directors, Steven Spielberg has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director an incredible eight times.

Steven Spielberg Should Be A Lock For Best Director

Brendan Fraser's career revival is the one thing that 2022 should be known for.

Brendan Fraser Gave The Performance Of A Lifetime In The Whale