The Iconic Yellow Blazer 

Emily meets Camille for lunch in episode five while wearing a yellow jacket, a checkered tank top, a multicoloured skirt, and lavender knee-high boots.


Striped Versace polo shirt and a Mugler skirt 

The Savoir employee enters the building donning a striped Versace polo shirt, a skirt by Mugler, and strappy coloured heels. She covers up with a green coat by Elie Saab.


Emily's Eiffel-Tower Dress

The Christian Louboutin heels with Parisian motifs and an Alice + Olivia blouse


Love Heart Dress 

The midi dress with a heart pattern and long sleeves is very Emily in Paris and is stunning and elegant.


Red Gown 

Although this dress is not for everyone, Emily looks gorgeous in it! It was designed to grab everyone's attention in the room and was quite large and brilliant.


White Vest and Mini Skirt  

While Emily's costume is obviously incredibly stylish, it is also very simple to wear outside of the show for a meeting, at the office, or to enjoy a few drinks.


Red and white oversized jacket 

In yet another cute scene with Alfie, she is wearing his stunning red and white big jacket.


Black dress with a massive bow

Emily wore a kimono-style cloak and a black dress with a big bow to celebrate her birthday. With this one, she had all eyes on her, and we understand why.d white big jacket.


Vintage Courrèges dress with vintage coat

Emily is naturally a little disorganised because Mathieu abandoned her before they arrived in Saint-Tropez, but you wouldn't know it based on her outfit. She exits the train wearing a gorgeous vintage coat and a vintage Courrèges dress.


Self-Portrait orange frock and vintage Hermès jacket  

A gorgeous Self-Portrait orange dress and a retro 1980s Hermès blazer. This style is offering just the right amount of prep, and it even manages to look really amazing when it's damp.