In God of War, Loki was initially unaware of his identity. Born Atreus, Loki leaves on a mission with his father Kratos at his mother's request.

10/10 Loki Is Thor's Brother And Kratos' Son

Atreus was born when "Faye" and Kratos had a marriage in the video game God of War. Faye was a nickname for Laufey, which Kratos and Atreus were unaware of.

9/10 Laufey Is Still A Parent Of Loki

Kratos' time spent serving Ares can be compared to Thor from God of War as a god who puts others before himself.

8/10 Thor Faces His Own Personal Trials Regardless Of Franchise

Sif, a God of War character, is wed to Thor. Magni (her half-son), Modi, Ullr, and Thrd are the couple's 4 kids.

7/10 Sif Is Married To Thor In God Of War

The Heimdall from God of War is very different from the Heimdall from the MCU. Heimdall is haughty and conceited.

6/10 Heimdall's Personality Is Almost The Polar Opposite

The Temple in the Lake of the Nine, which facilitated Kratos and Atreus' journey to each realm, introduced Tr to players.

5/10 Týr Is Anything But A God Of War

Surtr and Kratos cross paths near the conclusion of Ragnarök. According to a prophecy, Surtr and Sinmara would come together to form Ragnarök.

4/10Surtr/Surtur Is Ragnarök

The dependable warriors known as the Valkyries serve Odin. The Valkyries are an optional boss battle in God of War.

3/10 The Valkyries Are A Powerful Force

One of the most well-known characters in the most recent God of War games is Freya. Odin's ex-wife and the mother of Baldur was known as the "Witch of the Forest."

2/10 Frigga And Freya Were Married To Odin

Odin serves as the main antagonist in the Norse duology of God of War, which makes sense.

1/10 Odin Lives Up To His Allfather Moniker