1. Intrusion The Boston-based therapist Meera Parsons and her husband relocate to a remote house in New Mexico in the Netflix thriller. Even though the couple wants to live a peaceful life, fate has other plans for them.

2. Spiderhead The storyline of the film, which is set in a futuristic reality, is that convicted offenders can have their sentences reduced by taking part in a medical experiment that truly causes feelings of love.

3. Fractured The story centres around Ray, played by Sam Worthington, taking Joanne to the hospital with their daughter. Ray slips out while waiting and wakes up with no memory of the mother and daughter as they leave for an MRI.

4. Bird Box The Sandra Bullock-starring film Bird Box is based on Josh Malerman's best-selling book of the same name. The idea behind the film is that when people look their biggest fears in the eye, it drives them to take their own lives.

5. I Care A Lot  I Care A Lot, directed by J. Blakeson, is a must-see if you like stories that trick your brain. The suspense film centres on a female antihero who is a con artist and truly earns her living by stealing from elderly people who are in need of protection by serving as their court-appointed guardians.

6. The Woman In the Window  The American psychological thriller, which is based on A. J. Finn's book of the same name, tells the tale of an agoraphobic woman played by Amy Adams who makes it a practise to watch her next-door neighbours, the Russells.

7. Fatal Affair  One of the top psychological thrillers now available to stream on Netflix has to be Fatal Affair. In the film, Nia Long's character Ellie Warren, a successful lawyer, meets Omar Epps' character David Hammond, a former acquaintance, and they decide to have a few drinks.

8. The Platform The gripping film depicts inmates at a Vertical Self-Management Center popularly known as "The Pit." When it is discovered that the lower-level inmates of the vertical tower are left to starve, the intriguing part of the film really gets going.

9. The Weekend Away  The story centres on Beth, portrayed by Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl, and her closest friend Kate, played by Christina Wolfe. Beth and Kate take a weekend trip to Croatia.

10. Before I Wake  The movie centres on a couple named Mark and Jessie who lose their own son and decide to adopt Cody, an 8-year-old boy. With a heart-pounding plot where their newly adopted son's dreams come true, the movie grabs viewers' attention right aw