10.   Norman Osborn Could Extend His Dark Reign Over The Marvel Cinematic Universe  

9 Parker Robbins Sought Out Dangerous Levels Of Power As The Hood

8 Fans Already Expected Mephisto To Appear In Disney+'s Series.

7 Karla Sofen Gained Reality-Altering Power From Her Powerful Kree Moonstone

6 Maestro Is A Dangerous Evil Version Of The Hulk From A Post-Apocalyptic Future

5 Galactus The World Devourer Will Likely Appear In The MCU's Fantastic Four Franchise

4 Enhanced Super-Skrulls Like Kl'rt And Titannus Could Appear In Secret Invasion

3 The Beyonder Is A Dangerously Curious Near-Omnipotent Being From Outside Of The Universe

2 Annihilus Invaded the Marvel Universe With His Deadly And Destructive Annihilation Wave

1 Magus Is Adam Warlock's Future Self Who Was Created to Defeat Thanos Before Breaking Bad