10. The film wasn’t cheap to make.  

The cost of the original, which was completed 36 years ago, was $15 million, which was probably the catering bill for this one, which was $150 million.

9. The use of the F-18s jets

The cost to the producers for the usage of the F-18s jets, which some claim were the real stars of the movie, was $11,000 per hour.

8. Cruise owns a number of his own aircraft and flies them.

In addition to numerous of his own aircraft, Cruise also pilots a HondaJet and a P-51 Mustang from World War Two.

7. Cruise landed his own helicopter 

For the film's premiere in San Diego, Cruise flew his own chopper and landed it on the deck of the USS Midway.

6. A call from Tom Cruise kicked off production.

Tom initially had no plans to create a Top Gun sequel. However, Kosinski had a plan for Maverick's comeback, and in just 30 minutes, he was able to convey it to Cruise.

5. Val Kilmer’s comeback was essential.

In order for Cruise to make the movie, Val Kilmer had to come back to bring "Iceman" to the big screen.

4. Jennifer Connelly practiced a boating scene on a tabletop.

The actress rehearsed standing on a coffee table as her kids blew and sprayed water on her as she went over her lines in order to prepare for a boat scene.

3. They shot approximately 800 hours of footage.

Even more footage than the three Lord of the Rings movies combined had to be shot for the classic's sequel.

2. It’s one of the sequels that has taken the longest to be released.

36 years after the debut of the first Top Gun movie, the sequel was released.

1. Only one actress, apart from Tom, did not throw up during the shooting.

The only actor besides Cruise who didn't vomit while filming, according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, was Monica Barbaro.