10 Funniest Spy x Family Moment

Anya Admits She Loves Peanuts This is one of Anya's many amusing facts. The family dog, Bond Forger, could even be called "Peanuts," according to the telepathic girl.

Anya Makes Fun of Loid's DIY Spy Wars TV Episode It is humorous because it does a great job of capturing Anya's crazy and occasionally frank nature throughout the series.

Anya Acts Out a Spy Wars Scene Because Loid, Franky, and Yor all play outrageous roles to make Anya laugh, this scene is hilarious. To make the setting feel more true to the show, they even leased a castle.

A very intense tennis match between Yor and Fiona The level of stakes in this tennis match is funny. It's a pretty hilarious idea that both women seemed to view it as a battle for a spot in Loid's life rather than just a straightforward game of tennis.

Yuri, Yor's brother, demands a kiss from Loid.   Sadly, he was not fooled by the couple's antics, and they went on to perform ever-more-laughable acts of affection.

When Anya's in danger, Yor shows her terrifying side.  Anya is scared by Yor's frightening yet extremely sweet love impulses, which cause her to go into full attack mode in an attempt to save her.

Spy "Daybreak" Laughs Hilariously While Attempting To Modify Exam Results Daybreak tried to be Loid's adversary, but he could not have failed more terribly at his endeavor. His antics are immensely entertaining to watch.  

Yor Is An Absolutely Terrible Cook In addition to demonstrating his unwavering love for Yor, Yuri's delight of her awful meal is hilarious because everyone else finds it to be practically unpalatable.

Bond Forger Is Envious of Agent Penguin This amusing and endearing Spy x Family moment perfectly captures the playful tone of the show.