The Return Of The Three Shadow

The main antagonists of Manifest's third season are the three shadows, Jace, Pete, and Kory. They avoid an explosion in their drug den that was intended to kill them when Mick ignores a Calling about letting them go.

Major Kathryn Fitz Playing Therapist

The Major has always been a cunning adversary who operates covertly in the background. She has the ability to track, monitor, and even kidnap passengers whenever she wants thanks to the NSA's resources in terms of both technology and personnel.

Robert Vance’s Fake Death

The director of the NSA initially appears to be an enemy, but after quickly switching sides, he ends up being one of the most endearing characters on Manifest.

Dr. Aria Gupta’s Sign

Fans who believe Dr. Gupta is one of the worst characters on Manifest can't be held responsible because she insists on using only science to solve the mystery of Flight 828.

The Discovery Of The Tailfin

Fans were left in shock and curious about what would happen next after Season 2 ended on a huge cliffhanger.

Jared Vasquez’s Undercover Operation

In season 2, Jared's acting was so convincing that he fooled everyone about his true motivations when he joined an anti-828 hate group.

Zeke Landon’s Resurrection

Zeke's storyline is one of the show's most tragic ones because both Mick and the audience think that his Death Date is drawing near for a while.

TJ Morisson’s Rescue

Thanks to his efforts to assist Ben and, of course, his developing relationship with Olive, TJ has established himself as one of the best passengers on Flight 828.

Captain Bill Daly’s Brief Return

Most viewers probably initially feel bad for Captain Daly, especially after hearing him explain how he's being held responsible for Flight 828's disappearance.

Cal Stone’s Transformation

Another cliffhanger that occurs in the final few minutes of season 3 is the series' biggest shock.