The Sandman (Season 1) The Sandman series premiered on Netflix on August 5 after the series' teaser made a major impression at Comic-Con in July. The eagerly anticipated series has finally premiered after decades of unsuccessful attempts to film a Neil Gaiman comic adaptation.

Riverdale (Season 6) One week after its network TV finale, the CW's popular drama Riverdale's last season will be released on Netflix on August 7.

Locke & Key (Season 3) On August 10th, Locke & Key will premiere its last season after two successful ones. The series debuted on Netflix in 2020 and is based on the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez comic novel series of the same name.

Never Have I Ever (Season 3)In Never Have  I Ever, Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and the crew are back for Season 3. This coming-of-age comedy by Mindy Kaling explores the adventures of Devi navigating high school as an Indian-American youngster in southern California. It is narrated by John McEnroe.

Junior Baking Show (Season 6) Like me, you probably can't get enough of British baking programmes. Since 2011, the Great British Bake Off for children has been broadcast on television. After the show's UK premiere, it appears to disappear from Netflix after around a year.

Echoes (Limited Series) Leni and Gina, who are played by Michelle Monaghan, are identical twin sisters. The sisters' shared lifestyles and constant back-and-forth swapping have become their way of life.

Mo (Season 1) On August 24, Netflix will release a brand-new comedy from Ramy Youssef and comic Mohammed Amer. As it shares Mo's tale of what it was like to grow up in Texas as a Palestinian family of refugees, the programme is somewhat autobiographical.

Uncoupled A wealthy real estate agent named Michael Lawson has a 17-year relationship that ends abruptly in this new sitcom starring Neil Patrick Harris. Then, in his mid-forties, Michael must navigate life as a single homosexual man in New York City.

Better Call Saul It seems sense that when Better Call Saul was originally revealed, people were sceptical. Prequels have a bad reputation, and what could possibly compare to Breaking Bad?

The Salisbury Poisoning Even if you missed the original broadcast of this three-part drama on BBC One in 2020, you'll probably still remember the events it dramatises. The Salisbury Novichok poisonings in 2018—which shocked not only the city but the entire nation—are covered in detail in the television series.