10 Best Political Thrillers Based On True Stories


JFK (1991) 

Jim Carrison, the New Orleans district attorney who oversaw the probe into the potential for a conspiracy involving President John F. Kennedy's killing, is portrayed by Kevin Costner.  


Frost/Nixon (2008) 

President Richard Nixon's tenure and departure rank among the most well-known scandals to emerge from Washington in history.  


All The President’s Men (1976) 

Given how recently Watergate occurred, All The President's Men remains relevant even if it was released many years ago.  


Argo (2012) 

Argo, a movie directed and starring Ben Affleck, is about the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979.  


Nuremberg (2000) 

Nuremberg is a two-part miniseries that can be viewed as a movie but isn't really a movie.   


Vice (2018) 

In Vice, Christian Bale plays the notorious Dick Cheney, a great complement to the many real-life characters Bale has portrayed.  


No (2012) 

No, directed by renowned actor Gael García Bernal and nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars, is too frequently overlooked in the political thriller genre.  


Zero Dark Thirty (2012) 

Parts of the true story were altered in Zero Dark Thirty, but this didn't lessen the narrative's overall impact.   


Good Night, And Good Luck (2005) 

George Clooney plays the part of Fred W. Friendly in the film Good Night, and Good Luck in addition to being the director.  


Lumumba (2000) 

Lumumba, directed by the remarkable Raoul Peck, who is most renowned for the movie I Am Not Your Negro, is a terrifying movie.