Mayor of Kingstown

The riveting crime thriller series Mayor of Kingstown, which stars Marvel Superstar Jeremy Renner, follows the lives of the wealthy and powerful McLusky family

Why Women Kill

The comedy-drama series Why Women Kill on Paramount+ details the lives of three women living throughout three different decades

Tell Me A Story

Paramount Network created Tell Me A Story, taking some of the most celebrated fairy tales and reinventing them through a dark and twisted psychological thriller with nursery stories

The Stand

In the CBS All Access original miniseries The Stand, now airing on Paramount+, Mother Abagail, a 108-year-old grandmother who guides the Captain Trip plague survivors to civilization, is essentially the key to humanity's survival.

Tooning Out the New

The Late Show's longer pieces are used as the foundation for the animated satirical news show which builds on them to produce a cutting, caustic satire of contemporary politics and the media.

Star Trek: Strange New World

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the 11th instalment in the popular sci-fi franchise, follows Captain Christopher Pike

The Good Fight

The Good Fight, originally from Paramount and a part of CBS All Access, featured 21st-century politics, hints of romance, women breaking into the traditionally male-dominated legal profession

The Twilight Zone

In The Twilight Zone, we get to see stories of all kinds in this anthology series, explaining peculiar events that could only happen in a realm we call “the twilight zone.

The Offer

Have you ever wondered how one of the biggest movies of all time, The Godfather, got made? That’s the story The Offer tells.