1. Signal(2016)

SIGNAL is most thrilled and action packed drama which is full of suspense as well. This drama is directed by Kim won-seok and was aired in 2015.

2. Healer(2014)

Healer is one another action packed drama aired in 2014 starring Ji chang-wook, Park min-young and Yoo ji-tae. This amazing drama is directed by director Lee jung-sub.

3. Descendants of the sun(2016)

The drama was aired in 2016. You fall in love with this drama after watching its screen play, action, story, romance, comedy and of course its addicting ost’s.

4. Vagabond (2019)

Once you start watching this drama you can’t get used to surprises easily it has many amazing direction and I love action in it.

5. Two Weeks(2013)

Here's my favourite actor Action K-Drama. This drama is based on very different topic where a man who learned to survive on his own skills has only two weeks to save his daughter and prove his innocence.

6. City Hunter(2011)

Well if you are one of those k-drama fans who watch k-dramas because of your favourite actor leading to great and fascinating story then this drama is for you.

7. Save Me(2017)

Save me was aired in 2017 full of thriller and mystery. This drama is based on four young men come to the rescue of a former classmate whose family has been trapped

8. Bad Guys(2014) 

“Bad Guys” is a South Korean drama aired in 2014. This drama is full of action, thriller, crime and police procedural. If you want some reality check and seriousness in your life then this is best option for you.

9. K2 (2016)

K2 is a famous Korean drama for its action and melodrama. This story is based on a soldier get framed in Iraq for the murder of his lover and becomes a fugitive.

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