Bob should undoubtedly be seen as a hero because Joyce caused him to become involved in the fray on first place.

Considering of how endearing he is, Argyle  is clearly one of the best characters on the show. Because he is just being himself in this show, he doesn't even need to attempt.

Eddie Munson should be getting more attention from the audience because he is another another character that is eclipsed by Steve Harrington's popularity. 

It's time for little Erica Sinclair, who has lagged behind her brother Lucas for far too long, to take the spotlight. Erica is such a resilient person.

No matter what, Murray Bauman is a character that is always willing to help. When viewing the show, people fail to recognise how useful he is. He has many of clever ideas and is charismatic.

It seemed as though Will Byers' significance from the beginning of the series gradually diminished after season two.

Because of Steve Harrington, it appears that Jonathan Byers lost favour with the audience after season one.

Before Max enters and slightly messes things up, all the characters had pretty much found their dynamic. Max is one of those characters who gets overlooked yet is nevertheless really endearing.

Despite being a member of the ensemble cast, Lucas Sinclair seems to be overlooked. Lucas seems to be lost in the mix and not receive the same content as the others out of everyone.

In Stranger Things' first, second, and third seasons, Scott Clarke appears frequently. He instructs boys in science at Hawkins Middle.