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Unraveling the Origins of Earth’s ‘Second Moon’: How a Lunar Crater Play a Role

A proverb tells us that while you may not be able to return home, for a specific celestial body, its

By Ella Bennet 7 Min Read

Unlocking the Secret to Weight Loss: Limited Kitchen Hours May Be Key

Time-restricted eating (TRE) is a widely discussed method for shedding extra pounds, but the burning question is whether it’s the

By Ella Bennet 5 Min Read

Recent Astronomical Study Uncovers Exoplanet Illuminated by Tidal Interactions

Researchers have long been fascinated by the effects of tidal forces on celestial bodies, and a new study now suggests

By Ella Bennet 5 Min Read

Could Your Last Name Affect Your Academic Grades? A Study by University of Michigan Explores the Link

Ever wondered if being last in attendance has more repercussions than you thought? Recent research suggests a potentially unfair academic

By Ella Bennet 5 Min Read

Investigative Study to Explore Additional Astronomical Link of Stonehenge: Moon Alignment

Recognized for its solar alignments, Stonehenge draws large crowds to witness the Sun’s midsummer and midwinter interactions with the monument.

By Ella Bennet 4 Min Read

Satellite Studies Reveal Subsidence in Nearly 50% of China’s Largest Cities: Findings by ScienceAlert

Research published in Science magazine this week shines a light on a grave issue affecting China: nearly half of the

By Ella Bennet 5 Min Read

NASA’s LRO Observes 2024 Solar Eclipse Darkness

As the Moon removed the Sunlight to visitors throughout the USA throughout the April 8 solar eclipse, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance

By Ella Bennet 2 Min Read

NASA Picks New Staff for Following Substitute Mars Trip

NASA has actually picked a brand-new team of 4 volunteers to take part in a substitute goal to Mars within

By Ella Bennet 12 Min Read

Trillions of Lots Of Carbon Omitted of Environmental Designs, Researchers Warn : ScienceAlert

All of us understand about the carbon in Planet’s environment, and most likely concerning the carbon had in plants and

By Ella Bennet 8 Min Read