Chris Jericho ruthless Candor.

Unquestionably a legend in the world of professional wrestling, Chris Jericho is also renowned for his ruthless candor.

During their program for the Intercontinental Championship, Jericho allegedly found Chyna to be “difficult to deal with” in an interview with “True Gordie.” The opportunity to work with men, which was uncommon for women, was offered to her because of how hard the firm was pushing her, although he claimed she wasn’t as good as she believed she was.
She was really as well, indicating that she put in a lot of effort. I’m just speaking the truth; I’m not speaking poorly of her. Therefore, when we collaborated, it was a good fight in many respects. She once received a minor black eye from me, and if you hadn’t known better, you could have assumed that I had chainsawed off her arm since I was in so much trouble. I didn’t intentionally do it.

*Woman but still a wrestler*
According to Jericho, Vince McMahon instructed him to treat the woman more like a wrestler than a woman. He expressed his annoyance at receiving criticism after their matches and continued by saying that he felt that he was never given credit for making her seem good.

Jericho said that because it was his first proper angle, he was put in a difficult situation right away. Even if his experience was not the finest, he claimed that he gave it his all and tried to disprove all of his doubters.
Chyna qualified for King of the Ring earlier in 1999 and won the Intercontinental Championship at No Mercy.

She defeated Jeff Jarrett to claim the title for the first
and only time ever. She subsequently started a rivalry with Jericho, winning the title from him at Armageddon but losing it to him at Survivor Series that year.
The two were proclaimed co-champions after pinning each other during a rematch on “SmackDown,” although they would formally lose the championship at the Royal Rumble 2000.

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