Timothe Chalamet was floored by Zendaya’s performance as Chani in Dune

Timothe Chalamet

Timothe Chalamet was floored by Zendaya’s noteworthy performance as Chani in Dune. Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic was released in October to commonly good reviews and solid film industry performance and immediately established itself as one of the most critical films of the year. Dune, which is based on a 1965 Frank Herbert book of the same name, has been praised for its incredibly breathtaking visuals and CGI, and the brilliant performances from its cast, including Chalamet as Paul Atreides, Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica, Oscar Isaac as Leto Atreides, Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho, and Zendaya as Chani.

In another interview with Deadline, Chalamet shared his thoughts about Zendaya’s performance in the film. The actor called his co-star’s work “incredible to witness.” While her screen time might have been brief, Chalamet says that Zendaya impeccably exemplified the personality of Chani and that seeing on her screen was “inspiring.” Check out Chalamet’s full remark beneath:

Timothe Chalamet was floored by Zendaya's performance as Chani in Dune 2

“She is Chani, and its incredible to witness. Consistently, she was that person, and it was inspiring to see. I love the shot in the film of Chani pulling the mask down for the first time; it feels appropriately momentous. However, even on the day, it resembled, Holy sh*t, Chani has shown up.”

While Villeneuve has been scrutinized for Zendaya’s absence of screen time in the film, he clearly chose the right actor for the work. Villeneuve sets up her person for a bigger job in the sequel where audiences will ideally get to all the more completely investigate her past, as well as her relationship with Paul. Zendaya’s performance and the overall design of the person mesh well together and make for some incredibly effective moments, in any event, when the actress is mostly just looking off into the distance. With Dune 2 set to start filming the following summer, Zendaya and Chalamet will be back in their stillsuits in no time, however in the event that audiences would rather not delay until 2023 to return to Arrakis, Dune will be accessible to lease or purchase carefully on December 3.

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