Post-office workers are planning a strike over pay


Thousands of Post Office employees will go on strike in a pay dispute.

On July 11, members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) will strike at 114 Crown Post Offices, which are typically located on main thoroughfares.

It will be the third strike by Post Office employees this year, according to the union, after members rejected a pay offer worth 3% and a £500 lump sum.

According to the Post Office, the vast majority of its branches will be unaffected.

“There are 114 branches, typically in city centres, that are directly managed by Post Office, and over a third have opened as usual on previous strike days,” a spokesman said.
Postal workers are the latest to go on strike over pay, with workers and unions demanding raises to keep up with rising living costs.

Prices are rising at the fastest rate in 40 years, with UK inflation at 9.1%, the highest since March 1982. Higher fuel, energy, and goods prices are squeezing household budgets.

The government has warned employers against giving out large pay raises, fearing a 1970s-style “inflationary spiral” in which firms raise wages and then pass the cost on to customers through higher prices.

Thousands of RMT Union railway workers went on strike last week over pay, and hundreds of British Airways employees at Heathrow Airport voted to strike over pay.

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