Check Out The Official The Harder They Fall Trailer

Boaz Yakin

Netflix unveils another trailer for The Harder They Fall, teasing Idris Elba’s dangerous outlaw and Jonathan Majors’ quest for vengeance against him. The movie hails from musician Jeymes Samuel, also known by his stage name The Bullitts, in his directorial debut with a script he co-composed with Boaz Yakin. The story revolves previous slave-turned-cowhand Nat Love as he reassembles his previous gang to track down outlaw Rufus Buck and his gang for the homicide of his parents after he is sprung from prison.

Ahead of its reality debut at the BFI London Film Festival, Netflix has appeared another trailer for The Harder They Fall. The video offers a better glance at Elba’s dangerous outlaw Rufus Buck and his gang as well as Majors’ Nat Love and his quest for vengeance. Look at the exciting new trailer below:

The Harder They Fall is an exciting endeavor for the Western type as one of the just films to feature an altogether Black cast for the class and the latest trailer shows the strengths its various stars bring to the overlay. The new video also does a solid occupation of better exploring the relationships of the film, with the first trailer having offered glimpses at the opposing gangs in the film with just a minor indication at Elba’s villainy as Buck. In comparison, the new trailer appropriately teases his involvement in the death of Love’s parents and the latter’s drive for retribution and justice.

As with the first trailer, however, the new trailer for The Harder They Fall appropriately shows the stylish bearing conveyed by Samuel in his introduction and the soulful soundtrack crafted for the film. Samuel worked with Jay-Z, a maker on the film, to construct a soundtrack for the film with the Grammy winner also writing original songs specifically for the Western. The wait for The Harder They Fall is nearly over as it arrives in select theaters on October 22 followed by its Netflix debut on November 3.

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