Midnight Mass creator reveals his advantage in making a Star Wars horror movie

Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass creator Mike Flanagan reveals his advantage in making a Star Wars horror movie. After composition and coordinating three understudy films, Flanagan went to the horror class with his professional directorial debut Absentia, which was subsidized through Kickstarter for just $70,000. From that point forward, he’s left with the class almost only, making various movies and miniseries that have earned him both critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase.

While Midnight Mass realizes a passion-project for Flanagan, the 43-year-old isn’t stopping there, and he has aspirations to apply his kind talents to other franchises. Taking to social media, the director shares that he was woken up by the earthquake that shook California over the course of the end of the week, leaving him with a couple of extra minutes to sit and think. The dream project that continued to ring a bell, Flanagan says, was a Star Wars horror movie. Check out his original tweet underneath:

Naturally, this revelation set off a wave of online speculation about what this could mean for the Star Wars universe, with others in the business in any event, voicing their enthusiasm for the idea. Individual filmmaker Edgar Wright facetiously responded with “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Darth,” while Midnight Mass star Rahul Kohli, who also worked with Flanagan on The Haunting Of Bly Manor, communicated his fervor by saying “Ohhhhhhh you’ve been reading my diary!” At this point, the statement from Flanagan is by all accounts just voicing a longing, yet with the eventual fate of the Star Wars franchise unclear and his stature as a filmmaker continuing to ascend, there’s no reason his dream project couldn’t some time or another become a reality.

What exactly a Star Wars horror movie would look like is anyone’s theory, however it is a franchise with the potential to investigate various types, and which could demonstrate exceptionally intriguing for an innovative director. Presently up next for Flanagan is the horror secret spine chiller streaming series The Midnight Club, which is scheduled for a 2022 release, as well as an as of late announced venture called The Fall Of House Usher, enlivened by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. In the Star Wars universe, the movie Rogue Squadron is planned for a 2023 release, and Flanagan fans will trust that the franchise’s long-term future incorporates a stand-alone section from their favorite horror director.

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