In Beverly Hills Cop: Eddie Murphy praises Kevin Bacon’s “great villain” F Axel


The renowned comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is returning to his role as detective Axel Foley in the newest ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’, the cherished action comedy series. Eddie, 63, is excited about the show’s return, praising Kevin Bacon’s portrayal of Captain Cade Grant, the show’s adversary, as a “great villain.” Even though “Beverly Hills Cop III” was a letdown, Eddie thinks that Bacon’s performance will breathe fresh air into the franchise and possibly bring it back to the heights reached by the previous movies.

In Beverly Hills Cop: Eddie Murphy praises Kevin Bacon's "great villain" F Axel 4

Reflecting on the significance of a strong villain in the success of the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ movies, Eddie Murphy remarked during an appearance on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ that the series thrived primarily due to compelling antagonists. He candidly pointed out that the third installment faltered partly because it lacked a memorable adversary, a gap he feels Bacon aptly fills in the upcoming film. Eddie expressed admiration for Bacon’s ability to play the villainous role convincingly, underscoring how crucial such characters are in driving the narrative tension and overall appeal of action comedies like ‘Beverly Hills Cop’.

Eddie Murphy acknowledged that as he gets older, he is becoming more careful when it comes to executing stunts, even if he is excited to thrill viewers with Axel Foley’s escapades once more. Eddie saw the effects of aging on his physical capabilities, having played Axel Foley in the first “Beverly Hills Cop” at the age of barely 21. With customary wit and reluctance, Eddie responded to a director’s request to perform a fast-paced stunt during a recent filming session, expressing his preference to stay away from physically demanding stunts these days.

In Beverly Hills Cop: Eddie Murphy praises Kevin Bacon's "great villain" F Axel 5

Beyond the action and stunts, Eddie Murphy remains deeply appreciative of the enduring global recognition he receives for his role as Axel Foley. Travelling abroad, Eddie often finds himself affectionately referred to as Axel Foley by fans worldwide, a testament to the character’s universal appeal and the indelible impression he has left on audiences. For Eddie, ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ holds a special place in his career as it marked his debut as a leading actor in a major film, catapulting him to international fame and cementing Axel Foley as one of cinema’s most beloved characters.

Reflecting on Axel Foley’s enduring popularity, Eddie Murphy attributes the character’s appeal to his relatability as an everyman who rises to challenges with humor and wit, rather than relying on superhuman abilities or extraordinary skills. Axel’s charm lies in his ability to navigate extraordinary situations with a mix of street smarts and comedic timing, making him a refreshingly human protagonist in the action genre. Eddie believes that this grounded approach to Axel Foley resonates deeply with audiences, transcending cultural and geographic boundaries to make him a universally beloved figure.

Looking ahead to ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’, Eddie Murphy is excited to bring Axel Foley back to the screen, confident that the addition of Kevin Bacon as a formidable adversary will inject new excitement and depth into the storyline.

As filming continues and excitement for the newest installment of the franchise grows, Eddie’s dedication to giving a standout performance as Axel Foley doesn’t waiver. Assuring that Axel Foley’s legacy endures as a cornerstone of action comedy cinema, Eddie Murphy’s unique blend of humor, charisma, and seasoned acting prowess continue to capture the spirit of a character that has captivated viewers for decades.

In Beverly Hills Cop: Eddie Murphy praises Kevin Bacon's "great villain" F Axel 6

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