15:01 PM Thursday, February 22, 2018
IMF technical team arrives Kyiv today; Kyiv to break ties with Russia, Ukraine’s largest trading partner? PM calls for foreign investment in waste recycling
James Brooke Nov 08, 2017
Chinese investors buy bank; Poultry exports up 35%; Gas trading starts on Ukraine’s new energy exchange
James Brooke Nov 07, 2017
​China wants to replace Russia to build nuclear power reactor; China wants to buy more Ukrainian grain; Antonov offers Gostomel as discount airport for Kyiv; Poland issuing almost 40% more work visas than in 2016
James Brooke Nov 06, 2017
​Inflation forecast at 13%; Rada to debate privatization law this week; Labor shortages develop in Western Ukraine; Saudi Arabia interested in transportation projects
James Brooke Nov 05, 2017
15 privatizations scheduled through Dec.; UAE may invest in Black Sea ports; BadRabbit accompanied by phishing attacks
James Brooke Nov 03, 2017
Solar energy in Chernobyl; new freight line from China; three new shopping centers for Kyiv by Christmas
James Brooke Nov 02, 2017
​Production of clothes, shoes and textiles doubles; Vinnytsia tops regional rating for doing business; Poland’s LOT in talks about doubling its Ukraine route network
James Brooke Oct 31, 2017
​Google’s Android Pay comes to Ukraine; Qatar Airways doubles flights to Kyiv; Fitch predicts IMF tranche will be $1.9 billion
James Brooke Oct 30, 2017
French gas giant Engie wants to boost Ukraine production; Real wages up 17%; First freight train leaves Xinjiang for Poltava; Gov’t health spending to rise 12%
James Brooke Oct 30, 2017
​Central bank raises interest rates; Grain harvest to be down 6%; Lufthansa adds more flights from Frankfurt; Petcube raises $10 million
James Brooke Oct 27, 2017
​Wizz Air in talks to move to Boryspil; South Koreans to assemble tractors at ZAZ; Sunoil sales up 57%
James Brooke Oct 26, 2017
Russian malware hits Ukraine sites again; PM wants 5-9% GDP growth in 2019; Nord Stream-2 could deprive Ukraine of $2.7 billion in gas transit revenues; Swiss to resume flights from Zurich, suspended in 2014.
James Brooke Oct 25, 2017
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