17:01 PM Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Ukrainian brains to guide Scottish satellites; Nord Stream 2 gets German permits; GDP growth in 2017 was 2.1%; Wizz Air and UIA add more flights;
UBJ Editor Feb 04, 2018
Foreign company execs bullish on Ukraine in 2018; Czech increases Ukraine worker quota 5-fold; Car sales up 41%; Lviv-Qatar flight?
UBJ Editor Feb 02, 2018
4G mobile in March? Poor rains cut 2017 grain harvest by 7%; Container trains to take trucks off roads; Work to start on $500 million Lviv ski resort
UBJ Editor Feb 01, 2018
$500 million for solar, wind, biogas plants; Italians study fast train triangle: Lviv-Kyiv-Odesa; Three Ukrainian IT startups win international awards
UBJ Editor Jan 31, 2018
Fewer businessmen believe corruption is dropping; Energoatom signs up for Russian nuclear fuel through 2025; Food exports biggest in five years
UBJ Editor Jan 30, 2018
US knocks Nord Stream 2; Canadians prepare $1.1 billion iron project; Nibulon to increase river shipments 50%; Italy forum to be in Kyiv tomorrow
UBJ Editor Jan 29, 2018
Poroshenko: IMF $$ to flow in April; For 2018, GDP forecast at 3.4%, Inflation at 8.9%; Railroad to rent ex-USSR locomotives; More flights to Poland
UBJ Editor Jan 26, 2018
Gazprom turns green over Ukraine gas production; Azerbaijan looks at new energy projects here; Population: 42.4 million? Ukraine has cheapest Big Mac
UBJ Editor Jan 25, 2018
Ukraine to buy half its gas from Russia this year; IT exports to double by 2025; Housing construction up 23% last year; Industrial production was flat
UBJ Editor Jan 24, 2018
France helps Ukraine create a gas trading hub; Tel cos. bid for 4G tenders; Retail sales rose almost 9% last year; Bank lending to increase this year
UBJ Editor Jan 23, 2018
Turkey gives final permits to Russia’s Black Sea gas line; Ad sales up by one third; Grain exports down 9.5%; Poroshenko to meet IMF MD in Davos
UBJ Editor Jan 22, 2018
Smoliy for NBU Governor; Privatisation bill passes; 28 years to sell Kyiv’s new apartments? Nova Poshta delivers 30% more packages; Dragon buys again
UBJ Editor Jan 19, 2018
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