17:01 PM Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Spending on cybersecurity jumps; Farmland lease costs jump at double inflation rate; First toll road tenders to be ready by year’s end
UBJ Editor Feb 21, 2018
Kyiv’s office vacancy rate drops; Chinese want to produce electric buses in Lviv; Groysman: Corrupt officials are ‘enemies of the state’
UBJ Editor Feb 21, 2018
Train to Boryspil by December; VTB closes all branches outside Kyiv; ArcelorMittal buys coke/coal from Russia; Germany, Poland spar over Nord Stream 2
UBJ Editor Feb 19, 2018
Horizon leads successful IPO: Colt Canada wants to sell rifles; Trains to Russia most profitable; PrivatBank ups SME lending 2/3; Visa-free to Seoul?
UBJ Editor Feb 16, 2018
Trade surplus turns to deficit; Corn exports to China up 25%; Business indicator rises 30%; Danube ports to be dredged; Odesa gets flights to Germany
UBJ Editor Feb 15, 2018
Boryspil is Europe’s third fastest growing airport for its size; Kharkiv Airport triples city destinations; Shadow economy shrinks to 33% of GDP
UBJ Editor Feb 14, 2018
China-Ukraine trade to jump 30%; Inflation of 14.1% sparks comment; Gas, oil drilling boom boosts Interpipe sales 35%; New flights to Italy and Poland
UBJ Editor Feb 13, 2018
Chinese win Ukraine gas tenders; Chinese switch US corn for Ukrainian; Grain crop down 7.3%; Used car imports triple; Two solar plants to be built;
UBJ Editor Feb 11, 2018
Kyivstar mobile roaming jumps 25% in EU; Austrian investment forum in Kyiv in March; Toshiba wants sell to Energoatom; Poltava Petroleum drills again
UBJ Editor Feb 09, 2018
IMF team arrives Monday; Chinese negotiate Kyiv metro expansion; EBRD and EU bring money for corporates; Lviv airport adds flights to 10 new cities
UBJ Editor Feb 07, 2018
Too much sun depresses sunflower crop; Google Ukraine revenue up 75%; Big investments in road and rail; Foreign visitors to Kyiv up 25% in 2017
UBJ Editor Feb 07, 2018
Food sales grow fastest to Europe; IMF watches Rada on anti-corruption bill; Apples and eggs increase; Ukraine’s loneliest airport hopes to reconnect
UBJ Editor Feb 06, 2018
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